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Article: AAPI President Dr. Narendra Kumar Honored With PravasiBharatiyaSamman

“I am humbled and honored by this great honor bestowed on me today,” Dr. Narendra Kumar, President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) said, soon after receiving the PravasiBharatiyaSamman, the Government of India's highest civilian honor for non-resident Indians in Kochi, India on January 9th, 2013 during the 11th annual ParvasiBharatiyaDiwas. “I consider this award as the recognition of the achievements and contributions of 100,000 physicians of Indian origin in the United States, whom I represent as its sitting president,” Dr. Kumar added.

Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, conferred this highest honor on Dr. Kumar and eight others from the Resident Indians from across the globe. Dr. Kumar received the award for his achievements in the field of medicine, community service, global leadership and contributions to building bridges between India and the United States.

It’s been a steady growth to prominence for Dr. Narendra Kumar, who took charge of AAPI in June 2012, during its 30th annual Convention in Long Beach, CA. Soon after assuming office, Dr. Narendra Kumar told his fellow physicians: “We will put all our energy in a positive direction in order to restore AAPI’s image, improve financial health, and bring unity, integrity and stability to our organization.”

Within six months, Dr. Kumar and his extraordinarily committed team have worked hard to fulfill those prophetic words. AAPI today is more united than ever, financially stable, expanding steadily and is on the right path strengthening the organization and its 100,000 members, seeking ways to contribute to their motherland.

His leadership qualities and organizational skills came to the forefront and have been hailed by one and all during the Nine-City Musical Tour in the United States as well as during the most recent Global Healthcare Summit 2013 in Kochi, India. With over 1,200 delegates from around the world, the Summit was historic for the number of delegates and the quality of discussions led by world renowned physicians, CEO’s, and scholars from around the globe, in addition to the many initiatives planned to benefit millions of people in our motherland.

For many, leading such an organization is an honor. However, Dr. Kumar sees this as a responsibility, and says, “I have tried my best to carry on this responsibility with ever greater commitment and dedication.” Serving in various capacities in his local Michigan chapter and subsequently the parent AAPI, Dr. Kumar has an intimate knowledge of the “nuts and bolts” of this giant organization.

When others were hesitant to commit almost a million Dollars towards ShreyaGhoshal Musical Tour, especially after he had inherited several hundred thousand Dollars of debt from his predecessors, Dr. Kumar showed courage and innovation, encouraging AAPI and its local Chapters around the nation to play an active role that resulted not only in generating over $1.2 Million but also, brought the Chapters and the national organizations together.

“It all began with the idea of strengthening the relationship between the AAPI Chapters and national office,” Dr. Narendra Kumar says with a sense of pride. “The concept of this program to bring together various local Chapters and its members and Fellows closer has been in my mind for several years. Drs. Jayesh Shah, Ravi Jahagirdar and HemantDhingra enthusiastically received this idea and the net result of our collaboration and dialogue is the Multi-City Tour.”

Being a leader of an umbrella organization representing over 130 member associations nationwide, and having a total membership of over nearly 100,000 physicians and fellows of Indian origin, Dr. Kumar has ascended to leadership with his decades of hard work and dedication to the organization and the people it is committed to serve. As a Regional Director of AAPI, Dr. Kumar had attended almost all the local AAPI chapter meetings in his region in an attempt to serve as a liaison between the local chapters and the national organization. He has been instrumental in recruiting hundreds of new AAPI patron members to AAPI.

The Pravaasi Bharat Diwas (PBD) Meeting held in New Delhi in January 2007, “gave me a chance to prove my ability to act as political liaison in organizing special interviews with India’s top dignitaries,” Dr. Kumar recalls. Since then, it has been a steady ascendance for Dr. Kumar, culminating in his current position as the president of AAPI.

As the AAPI Treasurer, Dr. Kumar was able to fulfill his promise to keep AAPI finances in proper order by maintaining fiscal stability, accountability and enhance financial health. “It is important to keep financial matters transparent to the membership,” he says.

A man of integrity and giving his best to every effort that he has undertaken both in his professional, family and social life, Dr. Kumar has won the admiration of everyone. In the words of Dr. Jayesh Shah, President-Elect, AAPI, “Dr. Kumar is kind of person that you immediately feel like he is your friend. To describe Dr. Kumar in 3 words: He is personable, go-getter and passionate. He can translate any dream into reality by hard work, perseverance, and commitment.”

An accomplished physician and surgeon in the United States, specializing in Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery, Dr. Kumar is a Board Certified Sleep Medicine specialist and founder/Medical Director of Sound a Sleep, Sleep Diagnostic Labs which includes 4 Sleep Labs in the state of Michigan. Dr. Kumar, who had completed his medical degree from Trivandrum Medical College, Kerala and post-graduate residency from Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi, India) and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, is committed to giving back to the community and to the enhancing of opportunities for the professional growth of physicians of Indian origin.


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