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AAPI Chapters Energized Through Hosting Shreya Ghoshal Musical Tour Across USA Raises Over A Million Dollars To Benefit AAPI, Local Chapters & Charities

Chicago: IL: "The Nine City Musical/Educational Tour organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has re-energized AAPI Chapters across the United States," said Dr. Narendra Kumar, President, AAPI. Describing the nine-city tour as a resounding success story in the history of this more than three decades old premier ethnic organization, Dr. Kumar said, "Through this pioneering event, AAPI has created a wave across the United States."

"Today is a very special day which I was looking forward for almost 11/2 years," Dr. Kumar stated with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, at the end of the highly successful musical tour across the nation on Sunday, October 7th in San Jose, CA. "We have accomplished more than our mission and we are very satisfied. We were certainly able to infuse some optimism and positive energy within our Chapters and members in a very short span four months since the new leadership took charge of this prestigious organization." While the executive body members and local Chapter leaders of AAPI praised Dr. Kumar's leadership and vision for AAPI that had put AAPI on a new path, Dr. Kumar gave credit to the "whole hearted support of AAPI executive committee, hard work of local Chapter members, and God's blessings that have made this a huge success."

"The concept of this program to bring together various local Chapters and its nearly 100,000 members and Fellows closer has been in my mind for several years," Dr. Kumar recalled. "Drs. Jayesh Shah, Ravi Jahagirdar and Hemant Dhingra enthusiastically received this idea and the net result of our collaboration and dialogue is the Multi-City Tour."

"Through these musical concerts and educational programs, we have been able to reconnect with the local Chapters and the Chapters have been able to reconnect with the local Non Resident Indian community," Dr. Kumar said. "As a byproduct, we have raised over a Million Dollars to benefit AAPI, local Chapters and our charities," he added.

Echoing similar sentiments, addressing a crowd of over 7,700 music lovers in Dallas, TX on Saturday night, Parvatheneni Harish, India's Consul General in Houston, said, "What AAPI has done tonight is incredible. You have attracted the entire Indian community through this highly successful event."

Shreya Ghoshal the sensational Bollywood melody queen, mesmerized tens of thousands music lovers in the nine cities where AAPI had organized concerts and everywhere else across the United States in the past three weekends and beyond. Shreya Ghoshal, who had shot to fame in a short span of time, sang with a string of melodies songs with her eternal voice filling concert halls across the US. Singing came very natural to this young and talented artist, as Shreya sang old and new hit songs from the Bollywood world in Hindi and several Indian regional languages.

"Shreya Ghoshal had a magnificent performance mesmerizing the audience," Dr. Sudhir Sekhsaria, Convener of the event in Washington, DC, said. Dr. Nayan Shah was the Chair of the Event in the Nation's Capitol. "Everyone in the auditorium enjoyed the show and commented that Shreya Ghoshal gave a 100% entertaining experience, with fabulous dancers at the background," Dr. Srinivas Gunukula, Dallas Event Convener and Dallas AAPI chapter president, said. In his massive efforts to host the largest event in the nation with an audience of over 7,700, Dr. Gunukula was joined by Mr. Sridhar Korsapati, Dr. Srini Potluri, and Ms.Shabnam Modgil. Sridhar Korsapati, American India Association president thanked the audience and AAPI for staging such a historic event in Dallas.

Addressing an enthusiastic audience of nearly 3,000 at the historic Center for Performing Arts in San Jose, CA Indian Consul General Sri Parthasarathy said, "AAPI has proved that we are capable of making the impossible absolutely possible." Describing this to be an incredible event in the Bay Area, the Indian Envoy said, "I have seen nothing like this in the past. I congratulate AAPI leadership and President Dr. Narendra Kumar for taking up this challenging and daunting task."

Shreya Ghoshal won the hearts and souls of tens of thousands of packed audiences in each of the nine cities with an amazing, magical performance with a string of melodies and masti-filled songs at each venue. "The sensational youth icon performed beyond our expectations and turned the "Nite" truly into a magical one, despite heavy rains and slippery slopes," Dr. Hemant Dhingra, an organizer of the concert in San Jose, said. "The concert hall was packed to capacity, thanks to our volunteers and their diligent efforts to reach out to thousands of people during the course of the year," Dr. Akhil Wadhera, Chair of the event, added.

The musical tour began in Charlotte, NC on Friday, September 21st, and was followed by New York on Saturday, September 22nd. While the successful event in Charlotte, NC was coordinated by Drs. Sarjoo Bhagia and Nimish Patel, the sold out event in New York was coordinated by Drs. Ajay Lodha and Dharmi Kanuga. The concert in Columbus, OH was organized by Drs. Gautam Samadder and Suri Suresh. The event in Orlando, FL on September 28th was spearheaded by Drs. Aravind Pillai and Vraj Panara. The Houston, TX event on September 29th is was led by Drs. Nik Nikam, Freemu Varghese, and Kulwinder Bajwa. In Atlanta, GA the musical nite on September 30th was coordinated by Dr. Sudhakar Jonnalagadda. "We had a sold out event at all nine locations with an audience ranging from 1,700 to 7,700," Dr. Kumar confirmed.

"It was a team work," admitted Dr. Aravind Pillai, Florida Event Coordinator. He thanked the AAPI leadership, local and national leaders: "I want to thank local chapters BIMDA & FAPI for their participation & help." He said, he was grateful to Dr. Narendra Kumar, AAPI president, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, AAPI vice-president, and all local organizers for their generous support. "We brought all the Chapters together. AAPI has improved its image to the highest level," Dr. Pillai said.

In New York, Dr. Seema Jain, Secretary of AAPI, introduced AAPI leaders, who were behind the Nine-City Musical Tour to the audience. As Dr. Narendra Kumar, president, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, vice-president, and Dr. Ajay Lodha, Treasurer and Convener of the NY event, walked up to the stage, while the crowds applauded them for the noble initiatives AAPI has undertaken here in the US and back home in India.

The spectacular musical program combined with educational and networking opportunities was organized with the objective of bringing CME and non-CME sponsored medical lectures, exhibits, Gala Dinner, community outreach talks and lively musical nite in each of the nine cities across the country. "Many of our industry partners liked this concept where they could get prime time with a few hundred doctors for product promotion/theater, non CME lectures, exhibits, booths," Dr. Jayesh Shah, President-Elect of AAPI, said. "These multi-city mini-seminars are a novel concept for education and recreation that helped raise funds for the local chapters of AAPI, the national AAPI and the AAPI Charitable Foundation."

"Due to popular demand from several physicians on the need for enhancing scientific component at AAPI meetings and allowing greater number of members to participate, AAPI has pioneered the first series of nine multi-city programs to make it easy for physicians to participate," Dr. Seema Jain, Secretary of AAPI, said. In its efforts, AAPI was joined by the Indo-American Psychiatric Association in America and the Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin. The Seminars and workshops were led by accomplished faculty of leading Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons and Psychiatrists.

Describing the process leading to the Tour, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, Vice-President of AAPI, recalled, "Realizing that it takes a lot of coordination and tremendous effort, we were successful in involving dozens of AAPI office-bearers of various Chapters and Executive Committee members." Dr. Ajay Lodha, AAPI Treasurer and Convener of the NY event added, "Each of them was willing to give $10,000 of his/her personal money as seed money to put the program together at zero risk and no cost to AAPI, while committing to have the funds raised would be given to AAPI, the local Chapters, and the many philanthropic endeavors organized by AAPI and its Charitable Foundation."

Dr. Hemant Dhingra, who has close relationship with the Entertainment Industry, worked with Shri Balaji Entertainment in the signing of the contract for Shreya Ghoshal, a contemporary singer, who makes music an emotional experience, to present an evening of cultural entertainment in each of these nine cities.

Dr. Kumar, while assuming office as the president of AAPI had committed "to bring all our AAPI chapters together, strengthen our network and develop better relationships, in addition to generate revenue for the sustainability of the national as well as local Chapters." This extensive Musical/Educational Tour program has been a step towards reaching the message and the vision of AAPI across the globe and help AAPI realize its noble mission. For more details, please visit:


  Narendra Kumar,MD

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